New Options of Ruspo Relay 1


Ruspo Relay 1 Options tab
Ruspo Relay 1 Options tab

Ruspo Relay 1 ( ) is a desktop / workstation application, designed to connect various analog audio devices (e.g. two-way radios, intercoms, remote microphones, etc.) via a local network or the Internet.

This program is popular among both radio professionals and hobbyists thanks to its flexibility and vendor-neutrality. Unlike some other solutions, Relay 1 does not, in general, require any third-party services. However, until recently, as any server-client application, to connect, the server side required a fixed IP address.. It is not a problem at all to assign a fixed IP address within the LAN . And, despite lively forum debates on the imminent exhaustion of white IP4 addresses, it is still not an issue to get an IP4 address from the cable provider or LTE carrier. But, anyway, that imposed certain restrictions on the using of the software, say, in the casual places or in the certain networks.

Now the possibilities of using the program have become even wider. Starting from October 2017, users of the software are able to connect different instances of Ruspo Relay 1 through Remote Repeater service. So, if it is impossible to obtain a real IP address for “server” mode, just contact Ruspo tech support — there is a  Remote Repeater solution for an affordable fee ($9.9/mo, prepaid). For this fee, you get a virtual channel, where may be connected up to 5 instances of the program (probably, located geographically in the very different places and connected to the Internet in different ways).

Remote Repeater service have 99.1% average uptime and may be used for constant connection (for example, if Ruspo Relay 1  works as an Internet bridge (repeater) for two-way radios in different locations.

For connection, you have to chose a Client connection mode and input service address and port numbers (provided by the support) in the IP and Port fields. In the common case, you also have to remove a tick from the Stay server ON check-box. Other options are the similar with the conventional case of use. They are comprehensively described in manual.

Free demo version of the program works via Remote Repeater as well, but under usual limitations ( ).

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